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Asked over 1 year ago - San Dimas, CA

a man punched my girlfriendin la today. the cops wont arrest the man because a friend of hers threw a show at him. what can I do to get him arrested

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I just got the call from a crying girlfriend so I jumped online and posted this, I'm sorry I didn't fix spelling errors. But your critiques are not helpful or wanted Joseph Farina, so please keep them to yourself.

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  1. Michael R Crosner

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    Answered . Apparently not much,since the police refused to arrest the man. Maybe ask to speak to the police department supervisor or watch commander.

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  2. Joseph Salvatore Farina

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    Answered . Threw a show at him? Huh? What kid of show was it? A comedy show? A movie show? I have enough trouble with the law, much less understanding street lingo.

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  3. Christine C McCall


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    Answered . At this point, once the police have left the scene and not arrested him or booked any evidence attendant to an arrest (photos, etc.), the possibilities of arrest or criminal prosecution are pretty much zip. Yes, you can complain to Internal Affairs if you like. But the prospects of any discipline of even the slightest degree being imposed against street officers for using their discretion NOT to arrest someone is ... zip. That conduct is not in violation of departmental rules. On these facts seeking a restraining order is not likely to succeed.

    It's not a perfect world and the right thing doesn't always happen. And sometimes there is nothing practical or effective to do about it.

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  4. Wade J. Skalsky

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    Answered . I agree that you could go to the watch commander on duty however they will typically defer to the decision of the police at the scene. If this man is consistently bothering your girlfriend you could consider asking the court for a Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO"). Good luck.

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