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How to authenticate emails for restraining order case

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The evidence is based on email submissions to the court. The opposing party has submitted bunch of emails, which were translated online with some translation mistakes. I also noticed alteration of my word in that email. My question is how to authenticate my emails so that just in case if the opposing party decides to say that none of them are real, I can prove authentication.

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  1. Authenticating emails can be difficult due to the fact that most e-mail systems allow a person forwarding an e-mail to edit the message being forwarded. Such alteration wouldn't be discernible to the recipient. A few ways in which an email can be authenticated are affidavits, deposition of witnesses, or if the email came from a "unique" account such as a work email address that includes the company's domain, or a school email address (.edu).

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  2. The best and cheapest way to authenticate your emails is to print them out and attached them as exhibits to your signed declaration in which you swear under the penalty of perjury that the exhibits are true and correct copies of the emails you received on so and so date, so and so time, from your email account This may or may not be sufficient for the court.

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