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How to apply ITIN? How much it cost? What documents are necessary to show?

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I lost my Passport last month. Its under process of application for new one. I have police report for lost of passport. Same case with my spouse. I am on L1A visa and my spouse is on L2 visa. I want to apply for my wife's ITIN and fill IT returns Jointly to get Tax benefit. I found that I can apply for ITIN and fill IT returns together on some forums and on W7 form also.

From where I can do that? How much will it cost? How long it wil take?
I have My W2. My country India's IT PAN number. photo copy of lost passport.
Please advice..

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Please visit,,id=222209,00.html

The IRS site will benefit you and answer your questions. Good luck!

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The form is the W-7. It is available online at the IRS web site. There is no filing fee for that application. You should receive the ITIN within a few weeks.

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