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How to appeal to the Supreme Court of Ohio after the 10th District Court of Appeal? Domestic Violence case.

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Can I use the same Appeal and brief form papers, and the same format used to appeal in the 10th District Court of Appeal to appeal to Supreme Court of Ohio?

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Simply answer, no. The Supreme Court of Ohio has its own set of rules that must be followed. To begin you must file a notice of appeal and, subsequently, file a memorandum in support of jurisdiciton. Review the below link for the rules. Also, no pro se litigant should attempt an appeal tot he Supreme Court on his own.

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While some of the format will be virtually identical, other portions will have to be rewritten entirely. You should understand that going from the Trial Court to the 10th District was automatic: all you had to do was file the Notice of Appeal with the Court and that Appeal was formally begun.

With the Supreme Court, it is discretionary, meaning it's up to the Supreme Court whether they choose to take your case or not. You first have to file a Memorandum in Support of Jurisdiction, showing the Court why it should grant certiorari on your case and agree to hear it. That means you will have to show either: 1) this is a new and never before ruled upon area of the law or 2) that the different appellate Districts around the State reach different conclusions on the exact same legal issues. These are both difficult to prove in Court.

Additionally, there are certain formalities regarding the Brief, the number of pages, margin size, font size, etc. that apply to the Supreme Court that are absolutely required. It is a very technical and frustrating process.

I hope this answered your question. Good luck in the case and beyond.

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Filing a jurisdictional memorandum with the Ohio Supreme Court is very different from filing a direct appeal with an Ohio intermediary appellate court. Although you have a right to proceed without an attorney, it greatly reduces your chances of success.

I recommend hiring an experienced appellate attorney as soon as possible as there is only a very narrow window of 45 days to refer a case to the Ohio Supreme Court, once that deadline has expired it is very, very difficult to file a "delayed appeal," and your case will likely be forever closed.

Review my website for a further discussion of the importance of meeting deadlines in appellate cases.



Donald, can you take the case to the supreme court for a sum of $500 monthly in 3 months? uh?

Donald Michael Gallick

Donald Michael Gallick


I need to know more about the seriousness of the case before knowing the fees. Feel free to contact me. or 330-631-6892



The case is false Domestic Abuse where the only seriouness and strong evidence in the petitioner sides was the Judge that helped them. Apart from that, their evidences are not admissible like mine are. They have pictures of hole in the wall claimed to be done by me, but petitioner could not stated when did I do that, no date specific. Just her words and forged documents as evidences. No injury, no nothing serious but the Judge against me helped them. So, got a good picture of the case now?


The Supreme Court of Ohio has specific rules of practice that vary from the 10th District Court of Appeals. I would highly recommend that you seek legal counsel. Depending on the facts of your case, your appeal is probably discretionary, which means you have no automatic right to appeal. Before you can have your case accepted by the Supreme Court you must convince them to hear the case by filing a brief in support of jurisdiction, which is nothing like your court of appeals experience., Rogers Law, LLC and attorney Kevin V. Rogers, Jr. The statement above is general in nature, as not all the facts are known. You should retain an attorney to review all the facts specific to your case in order to receive advise specific to your case. The statement above does not create an attorney/client relationship.

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