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How soon does a person's body become room temperature after death?

Parker, CO |

We were notified of my friend's father's death at 8:30 am, saying he expired at 8:25 am. We left upon that notice to view the body. We arrived no more than 50 minutes later but his body was cool to the touch. Numerous calls have been made to the nursing home where this happened. Non have been returned.

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    The body will lose a degree or two of internal temperature per hour after death. Rigor Mortis (stiffening of the body) sets in within a few hours (as early as a couple of hours after death, as long as six). If the body was not yet stiff, you can be fairly certain your friend's father died within a few hours of your arrival. But if he was already cool to the touch, it is certainly possible that he died earlier than the nursing home claims.

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