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How soon can or should I file a claim in small claims court for non repayment of a personal loan?

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My wife made a personal loan to a co-worker in the amount of $400 to help prevent her from being evicted. The co-worker signed a document which reflected the total of loan, the amount and dates for the repayment ($50 each bi-weekly payday). She missed the first payment with a sob story and we are approaching the due date of the second payment. This loan was made by my wife who is soft hearted, but I am a realist and missing the first payment is not a good sign. How soon can or should we file a claim in small claims court if she misses the second payment. Any assistance or guidance is much appreciated since this is our first time having to deal with this.

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Depending on the terms of your contract (for example, if there is a grace period to make payments after the due date) you would be able to file a breach of contract action with the relevant Magisterial District Judge as soon as the first payment is missed. Good luck.

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I agree with Paul. File a lawsuit the first day you can. Show that you mean business.

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You can sue in small claims court as soon as there is a breach of the contract.

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