How soon after a car accident should we take pictures of injuries?

My wife was in a car accident, and she took pictures of injuries as soon as she got home. The next day she woke up with more aches and bruises. Should she have waited to take pictures until later, or is it OK to add more pictures to the original pictures?

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Tai Christopher Bogan

Tai Christopher Bogan

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Modesto, CA

I agree with the other poster. I would add to take pictures right away and every so often if not everyday to show the progression of the injury. Sometimes injuries get worse before they get better and maybe a picture taken 1 week later looks and is worse that the injury on day 1. This is especially true with swelling and infections.

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Jimmy D. Speed

Jimmy D. Speed

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Durant, OK

It is okay to take pictures whenever something appears at a later time. As a matter of fact, pictures do more good that a simple description of a bruise at a later time.

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Jeffrey Mark Adams

Jeffrey Mark Adams

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Bronx, NY

It is always appropriate to take picturese of an injury. In fact, every time you take photos take one with that days newspaper in the background and save the paper. More importantly, however, is to get to the hospital/doctor without further delay. Next, call a local and qualified personal injury attorney. Report the incident to your insurance company. Do not speak with the other driver/owner's insurance company.

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Marc Christopher Lenahan

Marc Christopher Lenahan

Personal Injury Lawyer - Dallas, TX

Frequently. Your goal is to let the insurance company and jury rest assured that they are getting the honest and complete story.


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