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How should I handle an underage drinking charge?

Havertown, PA |

I grabbed a single beer out of my fathers fridge on my birthday to celebrate my 18th birthday with my cousin. We went to his house, I drank it with dinner, and took the empty bottle with me, so as to not allow my Aunt see it in the trash and blame my cousin. My cousin and I pulled up infront of my house and wrapped up the conversation we had been having when police cars pull up behind us. I'm taking to the station after they see the empty beer bottle in my hand, and after I blow a 0.00% in a breathalyzer. I want to know what I should say to the judge, I don't want a record and I want to mitigate my fine to save money for college next year. What should I do?

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  1. What you will likely hear first from any attorney is this: STOP POSTING to this site. Go seek competent counsel. A suggestion? Robert Keller, who has an office in Havertown.

  2. Talk with an attorney immediately about your situation and what you should be doing now. The good thing is that you blew a 0.0. This is something that you may want to fight but again I would talk it over with an attorney so you understands all your options.

    If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to give me a call anytime today.


    Zachary B. Cooper, Esq.
    Levow & Associates, PC
    Limited to DUI and Criminal Defense

  3. You should immediately consult with an attorney because of the potential ramifications of an underage charge. Based on the facts provided, you have a case worth fighting. I would need more information to provide any advice. Feel free to contact my office (215-839-9529) for a free, no-obligation consultation.

    Thank you for your question and best of luck!

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  4. You will be ok with a professional help from a local attorney, there is nothing else to add here...

    Of course my answers are not the only source that you should rely on. Furthermore, its best to contact me about your Legal or Medical issues at my office number 215-240-7565. Licensed to Practice Law in PA and NJ. Medical PA license.

  5. It does not appear that the police can prove a crime was committed. You should have an attorney represent you to maximize the result. Good luck.

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