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How should I handle a Manufacture or sale of counterfeit goods claim that I believe I am not doing?

Cleveland, OH |

I have a small wholesale company and I have recently came across a wholesale company that sells me electronicst. From everything I have been able to gather the products are real. I have opened them up and it is very sophisticated circuitry that matches up to one I have bought from the store. Also half of the product I buy have serial #'s that are able to be registered through the company and I have taken over 30 sets into this companies stores to see if maybe they think they are fake. I have never had and issue and I cannot even find anyone on the internet that has seen a counterfeit of this product. The products company is now claiming that I am counterfeiting these. I have some money to defend but not alot what is my best route to take this? I make to much money to give up this item!

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Talk to an attorney. You may have to give up the item, or face the same potential penalties as the counterfiter.

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