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How should I go about getting joint custody? And what are my chances?

Clarkston, MI |

My ex an I have two children together. I want to be a part of my kids life but she doesn't allow me. She says she has moved, but the address FOC has is her old one, she has a phone for a few weeks then it's shut off. I don even know how to get aold of my children. She used to be addicted to vicodin, and now is addicted to suboxone. She says she has a boyfriend that my kids call daddy. We have been to FOC once, and I complied with everything they wanted me to do. She said she didnt feel comfortable with me having the kids because I live with my girlfriend, so they ordered supervised visits until the next court date, but she never went for orientation. I am behind in my child support as I wasn't working for a few months when I was caring for my mother. I Want to be a part of their life.

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You have provided a lot of information and asked a question that ripples into multiple areas of child custody law. The best advice to give is to obtain an attorney or at least consult with one to see what or if something can be done. This case seems to be far more complex than the internet can handle, which is the case in many legal issues. You may or may not have a chance to obtain "custody," but this to rests on what you actually mean by custody and what is the current situation of your case. Best of luck to you.

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Child support and custody are two separate issues. Are you taking advantage of your supervised visits? That is the first thing you need to do. It is presumed that it is in the children's best interests to have a relationship with both parents, so now you need to establish a foundation to demonstrate to the court with solid evidence that you can parent. You said you had a court date. Did that pass? The way to change the custody arrangement is through a motion and to show the court there has been a change in circumstances that warrant the custody modification. It is a difficult burden for you to meet. Check out the best interest factors the court analyzes and tailor your behavior accordingly. You really need a lawyer to help you because these are complex issues. Best.

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