How should I file for TPS if I already filed an EAD under Special Student Relief?

I am a Syrian international student, I applied for EAD under Special Student Relief, I would apply for TPS also, the TPS requires to file an EAD with it even if I don't want an EAD under TPS, but in the EAD application I have to chose if I am applying for either a Permission for employment authorization, Replacement or Renewal of permission so what should chose in this case ? also in the last paper of the TPS application there is a check list and its include the following: Did you also submit the form I-765 with the filling fee or with a written request for a fee wavier of the filling fee? but in that case I am submitting the EAD without the fees because I already did for the previous EAD,should I check that or no?

Glendale Heights, IL -

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Robert West

Robert West

Immigration Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

This is a repeat question.

Elizabeth Clare Surin

Elizabeth Clare Surin

Immigration Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

You should get the assistance of an immigration lawyer to avoid pitfalls in the application.

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