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How should I explain to a judge my side of the story in a CPS case?

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My great nephew was placed with me for safe kinship placement. After three months CPS requested for him to be placed in a foster home because myself and other family members didnt agree to reunification with the mother. I was told by CPS that I should help the mother after court. In the beginning when the child was placed with me there was alot of confusion from the worker. She was clearly against mom and didnt think she should get the child. Myself and family later filed a complaint against the worker and had her removed for her hand in all the confusion. I feel like removing the child from me was retaliation. I practically raised this 8mth baby since birth. I wasnt even given opportunity to visit with him. Court is 3mth away. I just want visitation or to be consider as respit .

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  1. You can bypass DSS completely by filing a custody action. DSS is involved with the mother and if you have legal custody (court ordered custody) you can skip all of the annoyances of DSS. However, this is very complicated and time consuming. You will need to hire an experienced family law attorney. My law partner is a good example.

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