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How quickly can I expect small claims appeal to be heard in LA County Superior Court?

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I won a small claims case last week. Yesterday, the other party informed me that he would be appealing the ruling. Generally speaking, after the appeal is filed, when can I expect the trial de novo in Superior Court to be scheduled for? And will the Superior Court's ruling be final?

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This is a LOT more difficult to answer than expected.
1) The court has 90 days from the day the case is heard to MAIL the ruling (pursuant to CA law)
2) The defendant has 30 days from the date it is MAILED to file the appeal
3) The hearing will be scheduled within 30-45 days from the day the appeal is filed
4) The judge will then have 90 days to issue his ruling on the appeal from the day it is heard.

Now, these are the extremes, but I think you get the idea.

the ruling on the Trial De Novo is final and not subject to any further appeal. Many have tried, few have succeeded, but theoretically a further appeal is possible.

If you have further questions, be sure to speak with a lawyer that knows about Small Claims.

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You will be assigned generally within sixty days a date for hearing before a Superior Court Judge.

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