How much would it cost to hire a lawyer for a DUI case?

Asked over 2 years ago - Studio City, CA

occured march 9. no alcohol involved. tested positive for cocaine within 24 hours.

eligible for prop 36 regardless of dui charge outcome. already served 5 days in jail at time of arrest.

2nd dui. Fist dui occured 2003 at age 18.

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    Answered . Depends on the lawyer you talk to. Most have flat-fees, but amount will range depending on circumstances of the case, attorneys, experience and what they will do for you. For first offenses, I've seen fees as low as $500, and up to $6,000. Your situation may be looking somewhere in that range, maybe not. Best thing to do is to look up some Attorneys on or on the CDLA (California DUI Lawyers Assoc) website. Find a couple you might be interested in hiring, and then call them directly.

    That will give you an opportunity to also ask them questions about how they can help.

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    Answered . You have posted before and your case is set for trial. There will need to be the attorney’s fees as well as discovery and expert witness fees. The best way it to call around.
    Robert Driessen

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    Answered . There isn't a short answer for you. Be sure, however, you would be smart to have a lawyer for your case. Consult with me or an avvo attorney of your choice for specific help with your case.

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    Answered . You already have answers from three fine California lawyers. Apparently you have posted before about this. I'm writing to give a national perspective.

    How much a lawyer will cost will depend on what has to be done. These cases are not "off the rack - one size fits all." They are highly complex. You should be lawyer shopping in person, not on the Internet. A case like this may require, in addition to legal fees, use of experts. These are some of the more complex matters tried in criminal courts, although courts and juries don't understand that unless a skilled advocate points that out. Give one of the lawyers who already responded a call. Set up an appointment to review your case. Don't expect anyone to give you a quote over the phone unless you think you can fit into someone else's suit.

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    Thank you.

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    If something I say disagrees with what your own lawyer is telling you, you should rely on your lawyer who is familiar with you, your entire case, the local courts and practices.

    To deal with a legal problem, nothing is better than to consult with a lawyer who will give you some time and advice. If you cannot afford an attorney, there should be agencies in your area that can provide discounted, or even free, legal services.

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    Answered . There is really no one clear answer that you can get with a general question on Avvo. This is not to suggest that you post detail about the incident online. Always remember that websites are public forums, available to both defense attorneys and prosecutors. This includes social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, regardless of what you think your privacy settings are.

    There are many attorneys who offer free consultations. These meetings are for both you and the lawyer to decide whether you should work together and determine the complexity of the case. Every case presents different issues. You will find that some attorneys charge a flat fee, and that fee remains the same regardless of how the case progresses. Others may do a graduated type of billing, where you are given an overall price and then a breakdown of what portion of that gets earned when. With that type of billing, unearned fees would be returned to you.

    I, like most others, recognize that we are all going through some tough times and sometimes it is important to worry about budgeting. However, just as I would not necessarily go with the cheapest doctor to take out my appendix just because he or she is the cheapest, I wouldn't decide on a lawyer based solely on price. You really need to find someone who you can talk to, who you feel comfortable with and who you can feel comfortable sharing even bad facts with. On the other side of the desk, you need someone who is going to deal with you directly and not dance around the truth because they are afraid of upsetting you. Someone who you think 12 people would relate well to. Even if your ultimate goal in the case is just to negotiate a good plea, you need an attorney who the prosecution will believe actually would go to trial if they don't come to the table. This is just a short list of what I would use as criteria, were I shopping for an attorney.

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    Answered . There are a lot of variables to defending DUI cases, and I would need much more information to advise and give a quote. From what I gather based on the date of the incident, there have already been some court appearances on this matter, and this case is probably set for trial at this point. It also appears that you posted other questions, but I did not see them (yet).

    The prices for DUI attorneys can vary. The attorneys skill level and client service is not directly related to how much they charge. Some attorneys that quote on the lower range are very good, and some that quote on the higher range are not so good. That being said, I would definitely recommend against going with an attorney just because they offer bottom basement fees. That decision would likely be one you would regret.

    I recommend that you speak to a couple DUI attorneys in your area. Talk to them a bit about the case. See what they would quote and if it's affordable to you, and go from there. Best of luck with your case. Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss further.

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    Answered . You recognize that you need an attorney . You will get calls.

    Andrew Roberts
    (818) 597-0633

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