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How much trouble is my father in?

Pearland, TX |

my father was three dwi's and hes on parole for the dwi's. my father got stopped for for a broken taillight but he got arrested for driving with a suspended license. the dwi is in harris cpunty texas but he got arrested for the license in brazoria. what king of trouble is he in and what can he do.

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The short answer is "it depends".

The driving while license suspended charge isn't really that big of a charge, although it can carry some amount of jail time in a county jail. Most prosecutors don't get too riled up over a DWLS charge in and of itself.

The fact that he is on parole is the bigger concern, because that could get him thrown back in prison. The good news is that prisons are overcrowded and most parole officers don't really want to revoke someone's parole because they picked up a misdemeanor charge, but you never can tell for sure.

Your father definitely needs to get himself an attorney who can make sure that everything is handled in his best interest.

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The parole board will not look favorably upon your father's violation via a driving violation given that he is on parole for an offense which relates to driving. He is likely to receive some sort of "punishment", if it is just a short stint in custody to try to "remind" what it is like in prison. (Sort of "scared straight".)

The driving while license suspended offense is a misdemeanor. While he might do some jail time for it, it is not his biggest concern.

Hire a lawyer who has parole hearing experience.

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Your father needs to hire a competent DWI lawyer to research this case carefully. If the license got suspended because of his last DWI there are two directions this situation could go. One way is that the Parole Board will be upset that he is not taking his restrictions seriously and the last thing they want is any publicity about going soft on parolees. Another way it could go is that if he will get his license reactivated they may treat is as a minor sanction.
Have your father contact one of the attorneys that have a DWI practice and not a jack of all trades attorney. An rated attorney can do the most good for his at this point. Good luck, DWI Dude

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