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How much time would someone be facing for these charges?

Mansfield, TX |

Public Intoxication
No inspection
No Driver license ( 3rd Offense)
Failure to appear ( 2 Charges)

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It looks like these are all class Cs. The maximum punishment on a class C is a $500 fine. If they are all in warrant, there will be additional warrant fees. If you want to turn yourself in and sit them out, how much time credit you get depends on your jail. Some do $100 a days, some do $100 for every twelve hours, etc. If you know your total balance, you can call your local jail and ask them how they calculate it so you can figure it out.

The cheapest way to deal with tickets is always to hire a ticket attorney. They don't charge much and will save you money in addition to protecting your record from convictions (which is what you will have if you sit them out).

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Thank you for your help I was so worried because I've read that for your 3rd No DL offense you can get up to 12 months in jail


That is a difficult question to answer without knowing more specifics. All of the charges mentioned are class c misdemeanors, max punishment is a $500 fine (no jail time). The fact that you have multiple failure to appears tells me the citations are in warrant status. Keep in mind on top of the max fine most courts will asses fees for warrants and possibly sending you to a collections firm.

Your other option is to contact the court and ask how much credit they give per day. There is generally a set number at each municipality if sitting out warrants is an available option. I am working under the assumption these citations are out of the same court. If that is not the case, you need to check with all involved courts to see who will recognize your time spent and at which jail. Generally (and I mean generally) if you are within the county for the jail time it will be recognized by the court the citations are out of.



These are actually charges that my boyfriend has. They havent charged him with the 2 failure to appear yet but he says that he knows they will since he didn't show up for court this month for the no dl/no inspection ticket and also didnt show up for the public intoxication. So we don't know the amount yet . But I just wanted to see if he still had a chance to try and fix this problem

Sallye Ann Wilton

Sallye Ann Wilton


Always a chance, I would suggest calling an attorney immediately. If you hire someone who knows what they are doing they may be able to prevent the additional charges and the issuing of warrants.


Those are all traffic offenses which carry a fine only. A person with all of these charges should seriously consider hiring a traffic lawyer to handle the cases to avoid some of the convictions which are more troublesome and to save money (by avoiding convictions on all of the cases.)

Cynthia Henley

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