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How much time will my husband serve for grand larceny and statutory burglary on a first offense?

Marion, VA |

This is the first time my husbands been in any serious trouble and has a clean record. He broke into someones house with three other people and three guns were stolen and he returned two of them but the other was stolen by a different man that was with him and never found. He is the only one that has stood up and took responsibility for his actions while the other three deny their part in it but are still under investigation. He had a court date where his bond was revoked because of the still missing gun and he does not have his sentencing for another three months. Any help or opinions would be appreciated since he was my sole provider for income.

This is in Smyth County.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. This type of question is very commonly asked but no attorney on the internet can answer this type of question without specifics as to criminal history and exactly what the charge(s) are now. He needs to ask his attorney these questions and this will be easy to find out. Then seek info about details of the case, the facts and see what type of case the State has against him. Good Luck

  2. I agree generically with Mr. Earl's very generic answer. What he says is true. However, I'm not sure why a lawyer in Washington state is answering quesrtions about what is presumably a Virginia sentencing hearing.

    Your husband's lawyer should have run his VA Sentencing Guidelines. If it's possible to get the B&E dropped, the Guidelines on Grand Larcency are very favorable for a first offense and would likely recommend Probaiton only. If he pled to the B&E and Larceny, Guidelines may be higher. Another factor is the tendency of the Circuit Court judge who'll be sentencing your husband. What Virginia county is the case in?

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