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How much time will my husband do for a 60 month federal sentence

Pomona, CA |

he is qualified for the RDAP program and im sure half way house hes already been in for 1 year and 2 weeks? he went in on april 23 2012 he has a Projected release date of aug 28 2016 but with the half way house n rdap when would he most likely be released?
Thank you

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With a 60 month sentence, your husband will receive 235 days of good conduct time, which is approximately 8 months. Assuming he receives the whole year off for RDAP, he could be release in January or February of 2015 to a halfway house.



That is the answer I was hoping for!! all my calculations and his thats exactly what we came up with as well :) Thank you so much Jeremy


Good time accrues on paper at the rate of 54 days for each 12 months served. In actuality the way BOP does the math it works out to 47 days. Good time accrues on partial years at roughly 15% of the time actually served. RDAP if completed and if meeting all the qualifications can result in one year off. Also usually furlough to a halfway house occurs when there is six months left to serve. So a very rough calculation might look like this: 60 months (-) one year off for RDAP= 48 months (-) 6 months for furlough = 42 months actually served. For the full 36 months good time (if none is lost) at 47 days per year =141 days off + about 23 days off for the 1/2 year (36 mos + 6 mos =42 mos) for an approximate good time of 164 days.... so with all the credit I'd say roughly speaking about 3 years and 2 weeks on a hard bed....Your mileage may vary....



Ok thank you for the info I appreciate it



is that before or after hwh?


Other counsel have answered your question well.

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