How much time will I get for probation violation on a domestic violence case in Los Angeles County?

I already have served close to four months already on this case and it is a misdamenor charge. I can't afford to finish my classes and just want to do the time. Second violation.

Anaheim, CA -

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Karren Melinda Kenney

Karren Melinda Kenney

Criminal Defense Attorney - Costa Mesa, CA

You should call your attorney and see if he or she can help. The problem is, batterer's treatment classes are 1 year. If you only pled to a single charge that carries a 1 year jail sentence, you could be maxed out, meaning you would get the 1 year imposed minus the time you already hae done in custody before on the case. Getting maxed out on the time means there is no reason for probation since they would no longer have any time held over your head. Hope this makes sense..Good luck!

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Michael Douglas Shafer

Michael Douglas Shafer

Criminal Defense Attorney - Norco, CA

According to your facts, and assuming you only pled to the single charge, it would seem to me that you would be maxed out. Talk to your attorney.

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