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How much time do I have to sue my ex roommate for unpaid rent?

Phoenix, AZ |

Moved into an apartment with 2 roommates. One ended up leaving, I was holding up 2/3s of the the rent, meanwhile the other roommate attempted to hold hers. Roomate ended up quiting her job and left me with just a days notice of her moving out. Her name stayed on the lease and I was stuck paying the full amount alone. It's been a little over a year. Can I still sue?

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The challenge in your case is not the time to sue (you have plenty) but rather the existence of an enforceable agreement, especially given that it was oral I suspect.

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Well I thought the Lease itself was a Legal agreement that the rent be split in three. Her leaving the apartment with out removing her name from the lease still leaves her responsible for her portion, doesn't it?

Steven Roger Rensch

Steven Roger Rensch


Is the lease written, and what does it say?

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