How much time can you serve for a conspiracy to commit an armed robbery in fl

Asked almost 3 years ago - Tampa, FL

Hello my husband was charged with conspiracy to armed robbery just because he was the driver. He dropped his friend off at the scene of the robbery, but was unaware that the robbery from his friend was going to take place right after. He has no prior criminal record and have jobs with two kids. He have been locked up since Dec. 8th 2012 just because the state procecutor says he is a threat to society and he has no bond.

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    Answered . If he does not have one already, you need to hire an attorney for him immediately. Preferrably one with trial experience. Usually there are more facts and more to the story than what is presented here. An attorney can help sort things out.

    Your husband is facing the same time in prison that the robber himself is, as a conspirator or principle - 30 years. If your husband did not know what was going down, he may be innocent, but he has to convince a jury of that.

  2. Answered . It sounds like he has a good defense to the charge. However, he needs to get a good trial attorney to fight this. They can cross examine and depose witnesses and hopefully show the weaknesses in the state's case.

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