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How much time can you serve for a conspiracy to commit an armed robbery with no criminal background?

Spring Hill, FL |

my boyfriend dropped someone off that was on drugs and that person robbed someone, my boyfriend was not there at the time of the arrest of the other kid, he now faces a conspiracy to an armed robbery charge, his rights were not read to him, how much time is he facing?

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These kinds of questions are hard to answer because there are so many variables. Let's start with a very basic one: meaning no injury, no semi or automatic weapon, no priors, no gang involvement, no domestic violence. First you need to understand that the conspirator is just as culpable and facing the same sentence, in this case it is punishable by life. Assuming everything I said above, then the bottom of the guidelines, the person would score 4 years in prison. But again there are a lot of variables where the prosecutor could ask for much more, and the defense attorney may have reasons to argue for a lesser sentence. Feel free to contact me or another attorney in your area.

Craig Epifanio


I agree with the answer above, and would add that you should head down the the clerk of court's office to obtain copies of all the reports in the court file. Your boyfriend & you should then take those reports to some local attorneys for analysis. Without that paperwork, as mentioned above, there are too many variables. Get the paperwork, call a local attorney asap!

Good Luck,

John Guidry II


As indicated by the first two (2) attorneys, you will want to speak with a local criminal defense attorney in your area. An Armed Robbery is a First Degree Felony (PBL), which is punishable by LIFE in prison. Chances are your boyfriend, who is charged as just a conspirator, will receive significantly less than that. However, I would need to know his prior criminal record, whether or not the victim is pushing a prosecution with a large sentence and what involvement (if any) your boyfriend actually had.

As far as his right not being read to him, way too many people think this is a "get out of jail free card." However, the reality is, his Miranda rights only need to be read to him prior to an actual custodial interrogation. People watch too much COPS on TV. If the police questioned your boyfriend during a "custodial interrogation," then his right would need to have been read.

If you have any specific questions about your boyfriend's case, please feel free to contact my office. I'd be more than happy to give you guys a free consultation and discuss his case (assuming he does not already have an attorney working with him).

Please check out the link to my website (below) for further information.

Good luck,

Aaron J. Slavin, Esq.


Your question seems to indicate that your boyfriend had no advance knowledge that there would be a robbery. Simply giving someone a lift and dropping them off does not make you a conspirator. To be a conspirator, you have to know and agree on the commission of a crime and then do some act in furtherance of that criminal intent. If your boyfriend did know what the other person was going to do, and then drove him to the area where the crime was to be committed, then he could be charged not only with conspiracy but as a principal to the crime.
I have practiced in Hernando County for 33 years (offices in Brooksville near the Courthouse) and would be happy to look up your boyfriend's case and to see him for a consultation. You can telephone to 352-799-0841 or email to
Jimmy Brown, Esq.

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