How much surcharge I would have to pay for 2 points

Asked 4 months ago - East Brunswick, NJ

My son got a ticket for unsafe lane change and was rear ended. He lost control of the car when he swerved to avoid hitting something in the road. I am planning to appeal the ticket, hoping to reduce the fee and no points.

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  1. Douglas Wayne Jones Jr

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    Answered . You would not normaly have any type of MVC surcharge for a 2 point ticket. Your Insurance Company's surcharge will varry and for that information you need to call your carrier. Also, you should consider hiring an attorney to help defend against the ticket.

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  2. Jason T Komninos

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    Answered . A common plea offer for this type of ticket is "Unsafe Operation" also known as "Unsafe Driving." That plea offer comes with a $250 state surcharge on top of the fine for the ticket and court costs. How your insurance company assesses surcharges is up to them. Since an accident was involved, it is a good idea to be represented by an attorney.

  3. Michael L Pescatore

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    Answered . You would not have an MVC surcharge for a 2 point ticket, but your ins co may increase your premium. It depends on your history.

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  4. Mark M Cheser


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    Answered . No surcharge for 2 points. If he has a provisional license he cannot get 0 points.

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