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How much responsibility does my landlord have to get rid of mold in my apt?

Tallahassee, FL |

My apartment is kept very clean but it is being invaded by various forms of mold (black, brown, etc.). I often keep the windows open for air movement and leave my fan on almost every day. When I showed the mold to my landlord, she told me that because I did not run my ac continuously, the mold was my fault and I have to take care of it. Do I have any legal right to require her to take care of the mold herself?

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  1. The general concept is that a landlord is supposed to provide a clean and healthy living space; and the tenant is not supposed to undo that. So, your issue turns on whose act or omission caused the mold. Right now, the landlord is claiming that you caused it. If she can prove it, then you may be on the hook for the remediation.
    I would be interested to know whether there is mold in any of the other apartments with tenants who keep their windows closed and run the AC all day. If so, it would tend to support your claim that you did not cause the mold by leaving your windows open a lot.
    Good luck,

    Dennis Phillips, Esq.

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