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How much more do i have to wait to get my permit?

Austin, TX |
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I sent my application sept 18 they received sept 21 and got my bios done on oct 25. I called USCIS on jan 4 asking about my case and operator told me if I.dont hear anything within 30 days to call them back. I got an email on jan 8 saying that my case took an extra review and if dont hear anything in 6 months to call them.. so stressful .. that means a year has to pass to get my daca approve.. help please.

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  1. In my professional experience DACA cases have been taking around 4 months. But there is no set timeframe for adjudications and by previous communications with immigration officers they can take even 6 months.

  2. What kind of case is it? you can look at the processing case times for any case on the USCIS website. Case processing depends on that and if your case has all the evidence they need along with other factors. What they told you to check back in one month and the 6 moths is standard USCIS responses to telephonic inquires. Good luck.

  3. There really isn't anything you can do to rush a DACA case. I have cases that were filed at the same time and resolved months apart. If yours needs "extra review" there is no telling how long it will take. Since this is a new process there isn't much history to go by.

  4. Your DACA case can take up to six months to review, and since the process is fairly new, there's no history for a practitioner to use to give you a different time frame. You need to remain patient, but vigilant. Check your online status on USCIS's website and check their table with processing times. You need to wait until at least March before you send an inquiry.

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