How much money can an Attorney take after a Judgent on garnishment has ben paid ,Can she kee add fee's on

My employer quit taking she files a notice to renew the Ganishiment How much more can she take...I can not live I only make 9.74 per hr and child support comes out of my pay check Court order Due $ 3680.45 Yr to date 2012 $2568.95 Yr to date 2011 $ 1956.58 Total Paid $4525.53 Total over paid $ 845.08

Tucson, AZ -

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Daniel Lee O'Neil

Daniel Lee O'Neil

Tax Lawyer - Houston, TX

You should address your question to the attorney who is likely most familiar with what is going on. There are so many additional facts needed that there is no such thing as a yes/no answer to your question.

Best of luck

There is NO attorney-client privilege based on this interaction. I am NOT your attorney. Further, everything we... more

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