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How much jail time can i get for not paying my fines on time in florida?its a misdemeanor charge for worthless check.first vop.

Hudson, FL |

i have done all the other stipulations for my offense.ive gone to every appointment etc.and ive paid restitution.however i have not paid court costs.there are two cases tied together.I have no job and there is no way i can come up with the $1041.i have exactly three weeks.Im 19 and im trying o go back to school full time to get my diploma.

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In Florida, the maximum sentence for a first degree misdemeanor is up to one year in jail and up to $1000 fine for each count.

You describe this as "first vop" -- does this mean you have already violated probation and have been re-sentenced to probation?

In Florida, the Judge can allow you to perform community service hours in lieu of court costs.

I would suggest that you (a) request extra time to comply; and (b) request to be allowed to do community service instead of paying court costs.

This is something that you need to do right away and be very proactive about.

Geoffrey R. Mason
Schackow, Mercadante and Edwards
Attorneys at Law

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I assume you have already had discussions with your probation officer regarding the court costs. If you truly do not have the ability to pay the costs within the three week period you mention, the judge may be unlikely to sentence you to jail time, given the fact that you have otherwise satisfied the conditions of your probation, including restitution. If a VOP is filed, you should discuss your situation with a local attorney who can hopefully convince the judge to either give you more time to pay the costs or convert them to community service hours. Going back to school to obtain your diploma is a very good decision on your part. Good Luck.

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i'm not on violation, i just dont hsve no money, i grt paid 674.00 a month after i pay mt rent electric and water i have no money lelf what do i do please help me



i don't know what to do i'm on oxygen and liver diese and i cant do much but sit around and try to do some things before i give out of beath


Be prepared to answer some financial questions, as the court will want to make sure you're not using your money for other things. I've heard judges ask "Do you smoke, if so, how much?" "Do you have cable tv?" "Do you pay for internet access?" "Been to a concert recently?" You get the idea, the more fun you're having, the more likely it is that some judge will not believe that you can't "afford" restitution.

Good Luck,

John Guidry II

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