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How much it cost to file quit claim form deed.

Redmond, WA |

both our name is on the property and i want remove my name. She refinace under her name alone.

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When the property is refinanced, the financial institution often has a deed prepared and recorded to protect its rights. If you two are in agreement and she has not refinanced yet but will soon do it, you can wait to have the quit claim deed done at the same time. Having everything done at once may save the two of you a few hundred dollars.

In King County, the recording fees are listed at . Other WA counties likely have similar fees.

Preparing the deed itself is not very complex. However, you should review the specific facts with your own attorney to see whether you should be signing your rights away. If the loan documents are not done at the same time as you signing your rights away, you may end up having a responsibility to pay the loans without any right to the property.

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The filing fee is approximately $70. You can check with the King County Recorder's office. You should have the Quit Claim Deed and related excise tax affidavit prepared. However, you should not record it until the refinance is ready to close. I would not trust the financial institution to deal properly with your personal title issues. Depending on the terms of her taking over, you may have liability for an excise tax (equal to approx. 1.78% of one half of the debt refinanced). You should consult with an attorney so that the transaction can be structured to avoid excise tax

The advice given is general for information purposes only and should not be relied on. You should consult with an attorney of your choice to fully advise you about your legal rights and obligations.

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