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How much is the fine for renting the basement and the attic illegally?

Paterson, NJ |

i am a landlord who rented out the attic and the basement to people who begged me because its cheaper than a regular apartment ,but an inspector came to the house and gave me a court date i got both out of the house but what can i expect in front of a judge

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The fine you received is for Municipal Court violation. Illegal tenancy ordinance for Paterson (Adopted by the City Council of the City of Paterson 8-6-1985 as Ord. No. 85-068. Amendments noted where applicable.] It is not less than $100.00 per day and up to $1,000 per day for each day the tenant remains at the property or a confinement of not more than ninety (90) days in jail, or both.

The tenants are also entitled to relocation fees, should you file eviction proceedings against them, which you are obligated to do to avoid continuing fines by the municipalityUpon a tenant being required to vacate an impermissible rental unit, the landlord of said tenant shall pay to said tenant:

A. All reasonable moving and relocation expenses incurred by said tenant, including a real estate broker's commission incurred in the procuring of a new rental unit.
B. Any security deposit.
C. Any pro rata rent which may be due to the tenant because of the tenant being required to vacate the unit prior to the expiration of the tenancy.

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To a certain extent, this may also be dependent on the political climate and the stance the city may be taking against illegal rental units.

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