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How much is a smash and grab burglary bond normally cost in the state of Georgia?

Waycross, GA |

Once probation hold is lifted.

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  1. Bond amounts are set be "schedule" on some offenses in some parts of Georgia, but they also vary from case to case. A probation "hold" may seriously impact the accused's ability to be released on bond for a new offense, regardless of their ability to make the bond for the new offense. It looks like you have. Number of questions about your situation; I strongly recommend that you speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer local to the area where the charges are pending as soon as possible. There are serious charges, and you are right to take he, seriously.

    Best wishes, Kathleen Willcox Williams Attorney at Law 512 G Street Brunswick, Georgia 31520 (912) 275-6235 This response is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.

  2. Normally $2,000 to maybe $75,000, depending on circumstances, once probation hold is lifted. In other words this question cannot be simply answered, too many variables.

  3. The amount can vary depending on the county and the defendant's criminal history as well as factors such as the value of the items allegedly stolen and the personal circumstances of the defendant, such as his or her place of residence, type of job held, if any. If the prosecutor will not consent to one, then a motion will have to be filed to get in front of a Superior Court judge.

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