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How much in total does a lawyer cost to fight cps

Dallas, TX |

My kids got tooken in foster care back in April for my mental health but I feel there was no.need cause there was no evidence of abuse nor neglect

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  1. A lawyer cannot give you a total, because we charge by the hour. We are not in control of how many hours it takes. My retainer in this type of case right now is $4,000.00. A retainer is an advance deposit. My hourly rate is $250 per hour. It may take several renewals of the retainer to complete your case.
    If you are indigent an attorney will be appointed to represent you if CPS is going to request that your parental rights be terminated. Ask that an attorney be appointed for you. Bring proof of your income. If you receive government aid you should be eligible to have an attorney appointed for you. Unfortunately, a lot of the court-appointed attorneys are not very good or diligent. Some are.
    The case law is clear that CPS does not have to wait until there is actual harm to the children. A favorite ground is "knowingly placed or knowingly allowed the child to remain in conditions or surroundings which endanger the physical or emotional well-being of the child." No harm required.
    If you don't comply with their request that you get treatment for your mental illness, and do every other thing they ask, it is likely that they will terminate your parental rights. Doing most of what they ask is not enough. This is real. The caseworkers and evaluators are not your friends. That nice Judge permanently terminates parental rights several times each month.

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  2. I'm sure you were appointed an attorney and you can meet with them to discuss contesting the case.

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  3. There is no way to know how much your case will cost. Each case is different and the fees can vary with the complexity of the case. Attorney hourly rates differ as well, so there is really no way to say. There are some attorneys who work for flat fees, but I'm usually very skeptical about the services and results you receive from flat fee attorney who work in the are of family law.

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