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How much does it cost to retain a criminal defense lawyer in Michigan?

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My husband is in jail right now and they want him to take a plea of felony firearm and one count of felonious assault. The court appointed wrote the gun board and they I guess dropped the felon with a firearm and 2 counts of the three counts of felonious assaults. The court appointed said the felonious assault carries probation with his guidelines, but this judge had remanded my husband for the last four months because he didn't want him to remove the case from his court. The judge is Micheal Hathaway and he clearly does not like my husband, what are the chances of him getting probation for the felonious assault. We would go to trial but his court appointed is just starting off and the judge would not let him get rid of her and i dont know if any lawyers take payment plans.

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Every lawyer is different. You will need to call and ask or set up a consultation.


Talk to some good criminal defense attorneys to get an idea.

This response does not create an attorney client relationship and is offered for informational purposes only. Only a lawyer fully versed on the facts and circumstances of your case can properly advise you on the case. I am licensed to practice in Minnesota, not every state. You should always consult with an attorney licensed in your area on how best to proceed.


In Michigan the rules of ethics govern how attorneys can charge legal fees. Essentially there are three ways for an attorney to charge for their legal services: hourly, flat fee or contingency fee. Contingency fees are not permitted for criminal cases in Michigan. In other words, a criminal defense lawyer cannot ethically charge a fee that is contingent on the outcome of a case.

The vast majority of experienced criminal defense lawyers charge flat fees. We generally charge flat fees based on the different phases of a criminal case for several reasons. Clients generally prefer flat fees and by charging based upon the different phases of a case, you can be assured that you are not overcharged for services that are not provided. By charging flat fees that will include all the work necessary to represent you, you will know exactly what it will cost you in legal fees to hire our law firm. There will be no surprises and no unforeseen bills.
When we consult with a client in person, we are able to tell him or her exactly what the fees are for whatever services are required. Generally, we will only be able to tell the prospective client the total legal fees after an in-person, detailed consultation.

Although some lawyers simply provide menu or generic pricing, we know that it is in our client's best interest to take the time to make an expert determination of the time commitments and legal fee that may be appropriate in each individual client's case. The fact is that every case is different and although two clients may be charged with the same offense, each case may require a different defense. For example, one client may be looking for a plea bargain or a dismissal and one client's case may need to go to trial.


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You may want to create an AVVO guide based on your comprehensive answer here.


How much does a car cost in Michigan? Depends on what kind of car, the options, mileage, and a host of other things. Right? It's kind of the same things. These other attorneys have given you some good ideas. Good Luck!

The comments listed here do not create an attorney-client relationship. The comments are for informational purposes only and are not to be considered legal advice. This attorney is only licensed in Michigan and does not give legal advice in any other state. All comments are to be considered conversational information and you should not rely on these comments as legal advice or in place of retaining an attorney of our own. The comments here are based solely on what you have provided and therefore are general in nature and with more specific facts or details a different answer or outcome could result. The legal system is not a perfect science and this attorney does not guarantee any outcome.

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