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How much does filing a bankruptcy in Ca usually cost?

San Clemente, CA |

I've never filed bankruptcy before and I have a $5000 judgement against me for an old credit card.

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  1. Filing a bankruptcy (Ch. 7 if you qualify) will eliminate that judgment and a Ch 7 will also eliminate any other unsecured debt you have outstanding. It is best to have an experienced attorney file your case so it goes through smoothly without any mishaps. The filing fee for a Ch 7 is $306.00 and then an attorney would charge a fee (negotiable between you and that attorney) for his/her services. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and we can review your case free of charge.

  2. Unless you have other debts, filing BK to avoid a $5000 judgment seems like overkill. [removed] See if BK makes sense and explain to you what happens if the judgment remains unsatisfied. There is no cost or obligation for the consultation.

  3. If a bankruptcy in your region costs 1,000, offer that same 1,000 to the judgment creditor to resolve the problem. Tell them that you're planning to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, and that they would get nothing. However, if they take the 1,000 then you call a truce.

  4. The answer is it depends on the type of bankruptcy that you file. A consumer Chapter 7 case is usually cheaper than a consumer chapter 13 case. The filing fee for a chapter 13 is $281.00; the filing fee for a chapter 7 is $306.00. I presume you have more debt than the $5,000.00 judgment, which may be more than that, since it may have accrued interest from the time the judgment was entered. I would caution strongly about filing a bankruptcy over a $5,000.00 debt. Also, if you own a home, the creditor may have recorded an abstract of judgment which would require a lien avoidance motion to remove the abstract from the chain of title to your home. This would make the bankruptcy filing cost more. You may contact my office if you wish to discuss further.

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  5. For filing of bankruptcy under Chapter 7, filing fee is $306; for Chapter 13, it's $281.

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  6. I suggest you meet with a San Clemente bankruptcy attorney to evaluate your situation and get an estimate of the cost of filing bankruptcy. The attorney will be able to tell you what a judgment creditor can do to you outside bankruptcy. Then you can made an informed decision whether settlement, bankruptcy or other course of action would be best for you.

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