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How much does an attorney cost for misdemeanor first offsense related charges?

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  1. The cost of an attorney typically depends on the type of misdemeanor and not the number of prior misdemeanors on your record. I think most attorneys charge more if the case proceeds to trial than if the case settled.

    A lot of criminal defense attorenys offer free initial consultations, and the attorney after such a consultation should then know enough about the case to give a price quote. The King County Bar Lawyer Referral Service or the profiles of lawyers on AVVO are good places to look for an attorney to meet with to discuss a case.

  2. A great DUI attorney is worth every penny and much more. This is not a situation you want to face alone or with a novice attorney. Make some consultation appointments with some experienced DUI attorneys and you will be able to make your decision and not base it on price alone.

    Good luck,

  3. The range is quite broad. Attorneys charge what they think their services are worth. Others factors include what the actual charge is, the nature of the defense and investigation needs, and other extenuating legal issues.

    You should talk to several attorneys. See who you connect with, get an idea of their knowledge on the issue, decide who you would want to represent you. Talk to them about the fee and how much work it includes That will give you the best idea of fees for representing you on your particular charge.

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  4. In your area a DUI attorney can typically run anywhere between $1500.00 on the absolute very low end to upward of $10,000.00 for a top Seattle DUI attorney. Good luck!

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