How much do lawyers usually charge for estate planning documents?

At the moment I'm looking for an attorney to help my father with his estate planning. We need a will, a deed for some property he owns, power of attorney, and an advance healthcare directive. Roughly what could I expect in fees or number of hours worked in a situation like this? .

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James P. Frederick

James P. Frederick

Estate Planning Attorney - Livonia, MI

It sounds like you have a decent blueprint for an initial discussion with an estate planning attorney. One question I would have is whether or not your father is trying to avoid probate. If so, then a Will is probably not the best choice, since a Will is only effective once it is admitted to probate. If you structure the assets so that title passes automatically upon death, then probate would not be necessary, and neither would a Will.

You are talking about perhaps 2-3 hours worth of work. I would expect the fee to be in the area of $400-500.

James Frederick

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