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How much do federal confidential informants get paid?

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I heard its 15%. My friend was busted last year selling meth. The DEA recovered 1.5 million dollars cash. They also seized several high priced boats, Cars, And motorcycles. Everyone suspects his brother turned him in. Keep in mind, his brother is a deadbeat. The mans never made over $20,000 a year. Now his brothers claiming he made a investment several years ago. He claims he will be receiving $200,000 from his investment in a couple months. Funny he`ll be receiving his "Investment" money around the same time his brother will be signing his plea agreement, Along with all the forfeitures, For the money. . If the information was quality enough, Would the DEA pay a informant $200,000? Seems like a bit much.

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Up to 25%.

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Tai Christopher Bogan

Tai Christopher Bogan



Not more than 25% of the money or appraised value of non-liquidated assets; however, the compensation shall not exceed $250,000.00 in any case. (19 USC Section 1619(a) and (b).)

Joshua Sabert Lowther, Esq.


Up to 25% but greatly depends on the US Attorney's office. This should be discussed with the USAO as early as possible when considering to be an informant.

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