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How much damage am I responsible for when hitting a car door with my own door? Just the dent itself or the entire door?

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I hit another vehicle's door with my car door, that produced a small dent and a minor scratch, with superficial paint damage. The owner of the vehicle wants me to now pay for full bonding of his door along with painting his entire car door. Am I obligated to pay for these extras? What protects me from only having to pay for damages that I am responsible for?

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You are obligated to pay for damages. Get three estimates and average them. In the alternative you can turn it over to your insurance company.


You are obligated to pay the reasonable cost of repairs for damage that you caused. Turn the claim over to your auto insurance carrier and let them handle it.

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You are responsible for the "reasonable" repair costs to fix the door. Sometimes a door can't be fixed, the dent can't be taken out and the door skin has to be replaced. Turn in over to your insurance company and don't worry about it. Most of the time you can't just paint a repair, you have to blend the pain to match the door. Sometimes you have to completely repaint the door.


Give to your ins co and let them fight about it.


You are responsible for the reasonable cost to repair the damages, plus loss of use damages during the period of repair. The owner of the vehicle should obtain several estimates for the cost to repair the damages caused by the person who hit the door. The repair of the damage and the blending of the paint is not considered an extra. You can turn the matter over to your insurance company for adjustment. Your insurance company will likely prepare an estimate for the damages.


Reasonable repair costs - this demand is nonsense, esp. if the door was already messed up.


As the others have posted, the reasonable cost to repair, thus, not for a brand new door from the factory


You are required to pay for any damages that are a result of your door hitting the car. Normally when something like this happens, the entire door has to be painted to make sure everything matches. So this would be part of the damages you caused.

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