How much can opposing counsel get in counsel fees for divorce in NYS?

Asked 7 months ago - Shirley, NY

How much can an opposing counsel get in fees from a monied spouse party in NYS in a divorce action pushing it all the way to trial and appeals? Does it matter what the financial condition of the monied spouse is or is the sky the limit?

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Issues: Child Custody (Forensic recommends to me, they oppose) and Spousal Support for a one year marriage (they demand 5 years)

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  1. Michael Drew DiFalco

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    Answered . It depends on quite a few factors, but generally the sky is not the limit. Ask your attorney or hire one who can give you advice on this issue and others.

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  2. Philip Adam Kusnetz


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    Answered . The court can make an award of counsel fees based upon the relative incomes of the parties, the services performed, the experience of the attorney and other factors. The "sky" is not the limit. It depends on the specific facts of your case.

  3. David Alexander Browde


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    Answered . It isn't that the sky is the limit - but the fee depends upon the litigation. What are the issues? Is one side being unreasonable? Those are key factors.

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