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How much can i expect in legal fees? Class A misdemeanor, Falsifying business records?

Staten Island, NY |

The lawyer I found is willing to work on a set fee, said he expect to have the mater settleled in about 3 court days maybe sooner as an ACD.

He did say I should expect to attend a one day class. But will have more info after the arraignment itself. Their might be court fees and the class.

My main concern is my record, but also wanted to know how much to expect to pay? How much would the court fee be? This class, what is it exactly? And how much is it?

I'm afraid it might be a very high amount. But can the store issue a civil demand?

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If you are concerned about the bill for legal services that you might be facing, i would suggest that you talk to your attorney and document the agreement in writing. Is he working at an hourly rate? Is he willing to put a 'cap" on his fees? Is he working for a flat fee? these are things you should know. Lawyers are not required to set their fees by any universal standard, so it would be impossible for me to predict how much the representation should cost you.

As for the cost of the "class" or court fees/fines, if these are not questions your attorney can answer, you might be able to get some information from the clerk of the court where your charges of pending. The clerk of court might have a website, or if not, there is probably someone in the office who you can call and ask these questions.

If the store suffered financial damages and the court orders you to compensate the store, then the store cannot ALSO sue you in a civil proceeding (in other words, the store cannot recover its damages twice). However, if you are not ordered to pay compensation to the store, then it would be possible for the store to sue you in a civil proceeding for damages. You might want to discuss this with your attorney -- because if you are pleading guilty, the store might use that conviction against you in a civil proceeding.

I am providing this general and basic information as a public service, and my response to this question does not constitute an offer of representation. I do not have enough facts about the situation you present to provide a more detailed answer. If you have not signed a fee agreement with my firm, then I do not represent you.


What your attorney charges for a retainer will vary greatly depending on many different factors. Your attorney's experience, the court that the case is venued in, your criminal history, your personal history/socioeconomic status, the attorney's reputation, and the District Attorney's Office would all be considered in determining how much legal fees could be. Attorneys charge anywhere from $150 an hour to $650 an hour (this would be quite high) for criminal work. I think a retainer fee for a Class A misdemeanor such as this, could range from as little as $1000 on the low end to as high as $25,000 depending on the circumstance.


Every attorney charges differently based upon their skill level and experience. It is also based on the amount of time they expect to spend on the case, among other factors. As you have a charge that can impact your future employment, make sure you hire an attorney with experience in white collar charges and futute implications.

Best of luck. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact me via the website below.

This is a response to an anonymous question and no attorney-client relationship exists, nor is it intended to be legal advice.

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