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How much can a landlord charge for damages?

Watertown, NY |

My husband is military, he recently got deployed and so we got out of our lease due to orders. And got offered housing on post around the same time. Now we got off of our lease early with no problems. As I was moving out I had a walk through of the apartment and the maintence guy had concluded (i have 2 dogs) that I would have to pay to replace ALL of the carpet. Which would be about 2000 minus our rent which is 1248 (and we paid 300 more for damages up front with our deposit.) the 300 is apparently not included. so owe about $965. She said if i dont pay in the next 2 months she will take me to court and have it taken out of my husbands paycheck.
Is this correct?
how much is too much?

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There is no "too much." If the damage is actually due to you, you owe for the cost of repairing the damage.

You may get it reduced a bit if the carpet wasn't new to start with... that would be the only way I could think of to reduce the amount a bit if you really did cause the damage.

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