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How many times can court date be postponed (trial) and can our lawyer do more? We were told it would be a simple marini hearing

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2x lawyer said judge told them a trial lasted longer than court expected and ours would have to be postponed we went on record 2 present evidence. 3 trial start and we were told inspector is needed we have 2 come back, 4 no inspector, our lawyer said he'd requested his presence but now would subpoena him 5x testimony was taken and we were told we'd come back court doesnt go past 4:30, 6 testimony was taken and we were told the same,7 lawyers went in chambers again, now were told the court date is being postponed because of 2 many cases, also that we r going to see a mediator, It hasnt been resolved btwn dates and landlord refuse to do anything even now during trial so why a mediator in middle of trial we told our lawyer we dont want this. each x we r called after 3:30, distraught help pls

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As Mr. Nachbar indicated, it is not unusual for the courts to continue trials in the middle of the case. sometimes courts have cases with higher priorities that they have to address. However, there seems to be other issue involved in your case in addition to the court's schecule. As an example, one of the continuances was as a result of your attorney not having subpoenad the inspector at the hearing. This should have been done in #3 and certainly in #4 to ascertain the presence of the inspector.

Mediation after some testimony has been taken is very effective. at this stage of the case, both sides have an idea how the case is going forward and a short mediation may obviate the necessity of a drawn out trial. I would suggest that you proceed with mediation with an open mind. If both of you do so, the case may settle. If not, you can still continue the trial. But your attorney must push the court a little more.



Thank you so much for your reply, from your reponse I see that you've truly taken time to fully answer with clarity



I've felt the exact same way, however I can tend to be pretty blunt when addressing things that concern me , for example: the subpoena to inspector, I mean I've never studied law but to me this was common sense, however i don't want to agitate my lawyer and for some reason I seem to do so when I address certain , because I haven't studied law


It is not uncommon for trials to be adjourned, especially in Hudson County. The Court may be manadating that a mediation session take place. I would discuss your concerns with your attorney.

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This is not at all uncommon in Hudson County. Courts are so over-scheduled. It sure is frustrating.

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