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How many times can a person file Bankruptcy in WI?

Verona, WI |

I won a Judgement for the full amount in small claims case, the defendant appealed the courts decision and then sent a letter to the court on the day of trial to let the decision of the court stand, awarding me a my Judgement, but he added that he would be turning it over to a bankruptcy attorney in the next few days.
The court canceled the hearing and I did some digging. This guy filed Chapter 7 in '05, Chapter 13 in '07, and Chapter 13 in May of '09. The '09 Bankruptcy is still open and he is making payments. Can he file again?? Or is he lying to the court and hoping to bluff me into quitting?

But can you open another file for Bankruptcy if you already have a Chapter 13 open?

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Someone can always file a Chapter 13. In Wisconsin, as in any state in the US, the only restriction is receiving a Bankruptcy discharge. As long as you follow bankruptcy rules, you can obtain the protection of the bankruptcy court.

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You need to know which of these cases ended in a discharge. If a case goes to discharge, someone cannot get another Chapter 7 discharge for 8 years or a Chapter 13 discharge for 4 years. For the Chapter 13 cases, someone cannot get another Chapter 13 discharge for 2 years or a Chapter 7 discharge for 6 years. The times run from filing to filing.

What the defendant can do is dismiss his current 13 and refile. The automatic stay (bankruptcy protection) will only last for 30 days unless the court extends it during those 30 days. You can always object to the stay extension or even to the filing itself.

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While you must wait at least 8 years between filing two chapter 7 (11 USC § 727(a)(8)) bankruptcies (assuming you got your discharge) you need only wait two years between Chapter 13 cases (11 USC §1328(f)(2)) 4 years between a 7 and a 13 (11 USC § 1328(f)(1)) and six years between a 13 and a 7 (if the percentage to the unsecured creditors was under 70%) (11 USC § 727(a)(9)).

Please make sure you consult an attorney because you must fall under the definition of a debtor and you may have to take extra steps not normally performed in a Bankruptcy in order to make sure you are protected by the automatic stay (11 USC § 362 et seq.)

These times may also be greatly shortened if you did not get a discharge in the first case. Good Luck!

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