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How many things can be wrong on a ticket before someone says ok clearly this officer didnt know what he was doing

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Officer told me I had done nothing wrong or seen me doing any thing wrong when he pulled me over and did not witness the complaint and did not even know if I had even been on the hwy where the complaint came from didnt say I matched a discription of the vehicle just complaint of a truck pulling a trailer that I might add should have been phoned into sheriffs or hwy patrol because it was miles out side his city and on ticket direction of travel,model of vehicle,type of vehicle are all wrong, and says I broke the law where he pulled me over. This is a ticket given to a comercial driver operating a comercial vehicle by a officer not qualified to investigate the complaint just sited me for careless driving with out even looking at my log book

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    It is up to the prosecutor whether there are so many errors that he or she would not think the officer was reliable. In court, the officer could testify that he made some errors in the notice to appear and remedy the situation. However, with so many errors, doing so would affect his credibility, and the judge might acquit you of the charge.
    I suggest you try and talk to the prosecutor before going to court to explain all of the errors and to see if you can get the charges dismissed. If not, then you have the right to a hearing before a judge to testify about the incident. Then it will be up to the judge to decide.

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  2. It is up to the DA but the errors would potentially affect the officer's credibility.