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How many points is it for Burglary of conveyance and dwelling in Florida and how many points qualify you for prison?

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My son is a 19 year old he is currently incarcerated on 2 burglary of conveyance charges . After about two weeks they put another charge of Burglary of dwelling. He was not even in our county on the date the second burglary of dwelling occurred. Thus giving him different court dates, arraignments ect. I am wondering how the points are caculated and how many points qualify you for prison. All charges were unarmed and unoccupied. First set of charges he was with a 17 year old whom has been charged with same as son's charges and most recently arrested again and obtained 3-4 new burglary charges each charge on different days.Are the points higher when charged indidually after the first set of charges? My son was not because he didn't own or posses the back pack, but can they charge my son?

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There's not enough information to properly answer your question. A lot depends on how the prosecutor is going to charge this. If they consolidate the charges, he may not score as high but he could very well "score" prison time. If they don't consolidate the charges, then he could be sentenced consecutively. Burglary of a dwelling is punishable by up to 15 years prison. Throw in the other burglary charges and matters only get worse. I suggest he get an attorney as soon as possible. Feel free to contact me at my website below if you have any questions.

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