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How many points do two 3rd degree felonies that are completely different charges get?

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First 3rd degree felony was in 2008 for resisting arrest with violence I received probation for that charge & now in 2013 I am being charged with aggravated stalking if I were to be found guilty of that charge how many point would that consist of & would I be looking at prison time?

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Agg stalking is a level 6 offense. If that is your only charge and there are no enhancements then its scores out at 36 points. Resisting with is a level 5 offense and scores out at 5 points, for a total of 41, which is > 44 and which leaves you in non-state prison range.

Note that you are right on the cusp so if you have any enhancements then you could easily bump up and over the "safe zone".

Good luck.

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I believe that the point total would be 39.6. Unless the court chose to depart upward from the guidelines that score would indicate a non-state prison sanction such as County jail, community control or probation.

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