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How many point is a parking citation?

Miami, FL |

A friend of mine got a parking citation and was wondering, how many point with it be towards their license?

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None. Points on one's FL driver's license usually stem from moving violations. I say "usually" to be on the safe side, though I know of no non-moving violations that lead to points.

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I am unaware of any points for parking tickets either. Usually with parking tickets you are to pay some amount for the first 10 days, 14 days, 20 days, etc., but after that time period, sometimes the parking ticket fines DOUBLE. I can't say what would happen if you had three unpaid parking tickets or five or more. I suppose they would either tow your car or put a wheel lock on it. Then you would have to pay the tow company and all the parking tickets to get your car back. Please click on the website, it does not cost anything. Thank you.

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Zero. A parking ticket should have not adverse effect on your driving record. Make sure though that you pay your ticket timely. If the time period lapses you may find yourself with a suspended license. Good Luck.

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The simple answer is none. He should pay it quick. If he doesn't the late fees are steep.

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