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How many jail days for a 2006 misdemeanor warrant & can the cops come to my house for me?

Pasadena, CA |

My bf got stopped by cops this morning. They had him in handcuffs and everything. Cop said he had a warrant from 2006. A Misdemeanor warrant. He said my bf would maybe do a few days or pay a fine. Long story short cop let him go but he took his info and said he has a week to go to the court & fix it. If not someone will be passing by his house to see if he has gone. Most probably will not have the funds for the fine, therefore, how many approx. days will he have to do? Also, can the cops come to his house for this?

The charges are: missing a court mandated drug program-not completing the 6 month class. Fine is $30,000. Thank You for your information.

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    Not enough information to answer how much time in custody. Less than a year. Yes.

  2. Don't worry about the warrant because the main concern is what are the charges? Don't take you legal advice from the police. The police can come by and pick him up again and if he is picked up then he may not be given bail and the next court date could be 30 days. Judges are notorious for doing such. It is possible to have the warrant recalled without paying anything if you retain an attorney. Many times the attorney would cost less than the warrant amount. I suggest that you contact a few attorneys for a free consultation. I wish you both the best.

    The response above is not intended as legal advice since it’s impracticable to provide thorough, accurate advice based upon the query without additional details. It is highly recommended that one should seek advice from a criminal defense attorney licensed in your jurisdiction by setting up a confidential meeting. Moreover, this response does not constitute the creation of an attorney-client relationship since this message is not a confidential communication because it was posted on a public website, thereby publicly disclosing the information, which is another reason to setup a confidential meeting with an attorney.

  3. More info is needed with regard to the charges. The warrant just takes him into custody so he can be brought before the judge. He may spend a day or so in before he seea the judge who will determine bond, etc. But, the charges will dictate the penalty.

  4. He definitely needs to get an attorney to go into court to talk to the judge about the warrant and his failure to complete the program.

    I can be reached at 714-442-1522 if you have further questions. Before accepting any answer as a final answer, you should have your case reviewed by an attorney. No attorney on Avvo has read your paperwork and therefore cannot give a completely valid answer suited to your case.

  5. That is in all probability the bail that is NOT the fine. He needs to go to court with an attorney ASAP. Yes someone can and will eventually come to the house for him. Bail can be arranged ahead of time. No problem. Many of us offer free consults including our firm.

    Brian Michaels.
    Los Angeles Defense Attorney

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