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How many hours are considered full time employment in florida?

Miami, FL |

I am interested in finding out how many hourts of work a week are considered full time employment in florida

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    Yes it is 40 hours and if you are hourly and work over 40 you get paid overtime. For further information or questions check out my employee rights blog or my website

  2. I believe you will find that anything over 40 hours per week for non-professional employees requires overtime pay. So, 40 hours seems to be the magic number. My caveat is that I do not practice in employment law. I defer to more knowledgeable attorneys at Card and Glenn at Good luck.
    Dennis Phillips, Esq.
    Florida Wrongful Death, Probate, Personal Injury, and Estates

  3. Traditionally 40 hours a week would be full time with some employers allowing benefits for over 36 hours. Anything over 40 hours is overtime for nonexempt employees. Exempt employees do not have hourly restrictions and are usually deemed full time.

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