How many hours a week am I required to work under a salary based employment contract? What if more than 40? More than 80?

My boss is requiring me to regularly work more than 80hrs a week and involves a lot of traveling. I am a salary based employee, what are my rights?

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Judith Anne Silver

Judith Anne Silver

Internet Lawyer

Depends on the state, the contract and your position level. Consult an employment attorney in your state.

Brian W. Erikson

Brian W. Erikson

Construction / Development Lawyer - Dallas, TX

The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act separates salaried (and possibly exempt) employees from hourly (and probably non-exempt) employees with respect to overtime. An exempt employee (one who does not have to be paid overtime) is usually one considered to be part of management, or falls under one of the several exceptions to the Act. From your brief description, you do not seem to be part of management, but I would have to have more detail about exactly what it is that you do and for whom you work.

You can review the Fair Labor Standards Act at Wikipedia and see how the Act applies to your particular facts:

Good luck.

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Non exempt employees, often called "hourly" or "wage" workers, receive time-and-a-half payment for each hour worked over 40 hours per workweek.

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