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How many copies of everything do I need for the i-130 application?

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I am a currently foreign spouse ( in Ireland ) , my U . S . wife is going to submit the i - 130 immigration form , and I am sending her everything that I need to meet the requirements at my end . Do I need to send 3 , 4 . . . 5 copies of everything ? I currently have 3 copies of all items , ( U . S . size ) Passport photos , G - 325A , I have only one official birth certificate at the moment , will a photocopy of this do ? Because when I photocopy it the word " invalid " appears as a watermark in the copy .

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    A clear copy, either in black and white, or color is fine. The invalid watermark will not affect the government's use of the document for confirming your identity and the names of your parents.

    You will eventually turn in your certified birth certificate when you begin the consular processing stage of your case. The government is not consistent about returning original certified copies, so I suggest ordering a new certified copy so you have one for your future use before you travel to the US. A person can usually obtain a second certified copy of a birth document for a small fee.

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  2. The clear color photocopy, if possible, should be fine to submit, but your wife will need the certified copy when filing for consular processing at the National Visa Center. If you are working with an attorney, then check to make sure whether the attorney wants to examine the certified birth certificate before filing the copy. Good luck.

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  3. One copy of each documents is sufficient. Only your wife must submit a copy of her birth certificate if born in the US or US passport or naturalization certificate.

  4. just send one copy and never the original

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